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At A to B Hauling, we work with construction teams, contractors, homeowners, and businesses alike to help them get rid of concrete fast.

Shifting old rubble isn’t easy work, and unless you have the right tools and equipment for the job, it can be a thankless task.

Low-Cost Concrete Removal Services You Can Depend On

With any renovation or demolition project, they often need a clean slate to start from; and this will usually require the removal of any existing concrete.

Whether you’re a contractor, pacing company, landlord, developer, or you’re getting some work done on your home; we can help.

The team at A to B Hauling is experienced in dealing with small to large-scale projects of any size.

We have the best equipment and people for the job, and we are fully insured for the work that we do.

If you have leftover rubble that needs to be removed, or you’re expecting to need a concrete removal service in the near future, choose A to B Hauling as your local concrete removal company in Tulsa.

Why do people need to hire a concrete removal service?

With almost any type of renovation or development, there is always going to be leftover rubble.

It’s bulky, and it’s heavy.

While those with a jackhammer can certainly break-up the concrete, the leftover rubble remains as a separate burden to deal with.

Driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, patios, and more; if you are about to embark on a project that involves concrete, you should secure a Tulsa concrete removal service in advance to help you quickly and easily dispose of any resultant rubble.

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Get Help Getting Rid of Your Concrete

To get a free quote for concrete disposal services in Tulsa, contact our friendly team today.

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DIY Concrete Removal Vs. Hiring a Professional Concrete Removal Service

Breaking up concrete is the easy part. After that, there is a range of challenges that people who try a DIY concrete removal will usually experience. Here are the most common.


Unexpected Costs

If you decide to do a concrete removal on your own, there are a range of costs you’ll need to consider.

These out-of-pocket expenses can include fuel costs, landfill fees, and in some cases, wear and tear or even damage to your vehicle.

Risk of Injury

Concrete rubble is heavy, bulky, and unpredictable.

Unless you’ve been properly trained in lifting techniques, you should always take the proper precautions when you lift heavy rubble, along with using the right heavy-duty containers.

As a final note, you always need to make sure that your concrete rubble is not left in a publicly accessible location. You might find yourself liable for any injuries that are caused should a person trip or fall.

Potential Damage to Property

If you are piling concrete rubble on the top of a patio or sidewalk, then you need to be careful.

Often, the sheer weight of the rubble, combined with the sharp edging and metal contents, can cause damage to property.

If that property belongs to others, then you would become liable to repay any costs.

At A to B, we can help you remove, dispose, and recycle your concrete with ease. Our team is experienced and have the right equipment and tools to get the job done.

We offer the best prices and a fast yet highly professional service that cannot be beaten.

To get a quote for concrete removal in Tulsa, contact a member of the team today.

Can you recycle concrete and rubble?

While you can’t recycle concrete at a landfill, A to B Hauling knows how to get your concrete and rubble recycled on your behalf.

We will remove concrete and take it to be pulverized into recycled aggregate.

This is then crushed and can be reused in a range of projects, such as the binding of asphalt and the paving of roads.


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Our commitment to the local environment

As a company, we aim to recycle up to 100% of the products we collect. When you call us for concrete removal services in Tulsa, the same rules apply.

Our ultimate goal is to recycle as much as we can, at all times.

As a green junk removal company, we are committed to sustainability. So, you can rest assured that when you choose A to B Hauling, not only are you getting a great price for concrete removal services; you are helping to keep the planet clean and safe.

Why Choose Us for Tulsa Concrete Removal Services

#1 A professional team using expert equipment to ensure a safe and secure service
#2 Get the lowest price for a concrete removal service in Tulsa
#3 We aim to recycle 100% of the concrete product we dispose of
#4 A trusted concrete and junk removal service with an excellent reputation
#5 We provide a fully insured service, using skilled professionals to remove concrete in Tulsa


Affordable Tulsa Concrete Removal Services from a Company You Can Trust.

Contact us today for a quick shed removal quote and instant availability for collection.


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