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Fast And Professional Refrigerator Removal And Recycling

A to B Hauling is offers a highly rated refrigerator recycling and removal service right here in Tulsa. We handle any size refrigerator and can ensure that your refrigerator is properly recycled.

Whether it’s a single door, double door or standalone freezer, we can help you recycle your unit in a safe and effective manner.

We built our junk hauling and recycling service on a foundation of trust with our friends and fellow business owners right here in Tulsa. You can expect easy to understand pricing, with no surprise charges.

We’ll provide refrigerator recycling and removal on your schedule.  Our team is prompt and courteous every time.

We work every week to provide the very best junk removal and recycling services in addition to our dumpster rentals and hauling services.

Our team has years of experience with multiple types of clean up and recycling projects.

We’ll help you take the stress out of any clean up project.

Call us today to set up your refrigerator recycling service.

How To Schedule Refrigerator Recycling And Removal Service

  1. Call A to B Hauling for a free refrigerator recycling quote: Our experienced team will ask for information about your refrigerator and schedule a time that works best for you.
  2. Get Honest, Up Front Pricing: A to B Hauling refrigerator recycling pricing is simple and straightforward. Once we’ve quoted you a price for your refrigerator, you can depend on that quote. We’ll provide our recycling and removal services on time and at the agreed upon price.
  3. Schedule Your Service: Our refrigerator recycling team will set up a day and time that work best for you. Once a date has been set, you can count on A to B Hauling to be there when we say we will.
  4. Easy Refrigerator Recycling: The A to B Hauling recycling team will show up, on time and get the job done right the very first time. You can expect professional service and clear communication from our team members during the recycling and removal process.

How Much Does Refrigerator Recycling And Removal Cost?

A to B Hauling refrigerator recycling service pricing is based on volume. Our pricing is simply based on the size and weight of your fridge. We’ll make sure that we’ve established a price with you so you’ll know exactly what to expect. 

Contact us to get started with your free refrigerator recycling quote today.

How Do You Recycle A Refrigerator?

Refrigerators can be broken down and recycled in multiple ways. May parts of your refrigerator unit can be salvages and create reusable materials for many different industries.

The EPA established guidelines for refrigerator recycling that our partners follow.

The different categories of refrigerator recycling include:


  • Plastics And Metals: You probably already know that the interior of your fridge has quite a bit of plastic in it. Depending on the type of plastic, it can be recycled quite easily.  Metals can also be recycled.
  • Glass Dividers And Glass Shelves: All glass components from your refrigerator can be recycled right here in Tulsa by our glass recycling plant.
  • Refrigerator Compressor: The compressor from your refrigerator can be safely removed by a qualified technician and recycled for other uses.
  • Oils and Coolant: The oil used within your refrigerator is a specific type of distilled oil that can be re-used by industrial machine equipment. In some cases these oils can not be used if they are contaminated by refrigerant.
  • Switches And Thermostat: Switches and thermostats that contain mercury are recycled by certified organizations. This is a key safety issue and an important reason to recycle your refrigerator. Keeping mercury contained is a smart and safe move.
  • Polyurethane Foam: The foam from your refrigerator can be provided to incinerator facilities which can actually convert the foam directly into electricity.



A refrigerator recycling service order with A to B Hauling offers peace of mind by ensuring that your fridge is properly disposed of and recycled.  You can count on our experienced team to safely remove your refrigerator without damaging your home or office. We’ll stay out of your way and make sure there are no interruptions to your everyday life.

Our refrigerator recycling services are built on a foundation of trust that was gained with each Tulsa resident that we’ve worked with. We believe that every recycling project is equally important and once we’ve committed to a job, we will not let you down.

We hope you’ll give us the opportunity with your next project.

We won’t let you down.

Alex Gavrilov, Owner

Learn more about our Tulsa junk removal and dumpster rentals business and meet our owner, Alex Gavrilov.

Is Throwing Away An Old Refrigerator Dangerous?

Improperly disposing a refrigerator or freezer can be extremely dangerous and easily contaminate your local environment. 

Many older refrigerators that were built prior to the 1990’s contain foam insulation that has been documented to contain a gas called CFC-11 which can have an impact on your local environment.

The oils, coolants and mercury that are in older refrigerators can also be extremely toxic and dangerous if exposed.

What Other Types Of Junk Do We Remove?

A to B Hauling removes just about every type of junk you can think of. From residential to commercial and construction. If you’ve got junk, we can haul it. 

Looking For A Dumpster For Your Next Remodeling Project?

If you’ve got a remodeling project that you’re currently undertaking and need a dependable dumpster that’s up to the task, we’ve got you covered.

A to B Hauling offers affordable Tulsa dumpster rentals that you can use for your next clean up project to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We’ll pick it up and drop it off on time, every time.

We offer simple, straightforward pricing as well as on time delivery and pickup.

You Don’t Have To Just Take Our Word For It:

Alex and his team are incredible!

They were professional, hard-working, and trustworthy. Had a bunch or junk to haul off, and they were efficient with my schedule and had everything knocked out in no time. I’d definitely use them again!!!

I’m very impressed with this company.

I called needing a dumpster that day, and they were very considerate of my situation. They were very quick accurate and dependable!
I will always call this company when I need this kind of service!

Professional and prompt service.

I called needing a dumpster that day, and they were very considerate of my situation. They were very quick accurate and dependable!
I will always call this company when I need this kind of service!

They showed up on time

They were professional and friendly, and worked quickly and did exactly what I wanted them to do. Awesome, helpful service!

Our Team Is Here To Help

Our team at A to B Hauling is standing by and ready to help you no matter what type of challenge you’re facing. We’ll help you figure out the best junk removal solution for your situation and your budget.  No hidden fees, just straight forward terms and pricing on top of our honest advice for your project.


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