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At A to B Hauling, we provide fast, effective, cheap shed removal services to clients across the region.

Regardless of the size or location of your old shed, we will dismantle, remove, and recycle it on your behalf.



How to Get Rid of an Old Shed in Tulsa

When you first purchased your home and needed a place to store things, the shed in your yard served a viable purpose.

However, you’ve now decided that you no longer need it, and you want to reclaim that space and get rid of that unsightly old shed.

Whatever you plan to do with that space doesn’t really matter.

The fact is, you need to hire a shed removal service in Tulsa in order to get that space back.

At A to B Hauling, we can help you with the removal and recycling of your shed fast.

So, if you want to make way for something else or you just want to get it out of the way, we’re here to help in any way we can.

Get Help Moving Your Shed

Call our office today to get a quick free quote for a Tulsa shed removal service.

How much will it cost to get a shed removal service in Tulsa?

The cost of a shed removal will vary depending on the size, condition, location, and fixation of the structure.

If you can submit a couple of pictures of your old shed, along with letting us know if it is anchored, wired, and whether or not you would like us to take care of the demolition of the shed too

We will give you a quick quote and let you know the next appointment slot we have available.

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What can you expect when you hire us for a shed removal service in Tulsa?

At a to B Hauling, we provide a highly professional service from the onset to completion.

As a fully insured company with a trusted reputation, you can depend on the quality of our work and our individual team members.

On the day of the appointment, we usually call in advance to confirm our arrival time and make sure you’re going to be in.

Following this, depending on whether or not you have asked us to demolish your shed, we will turn up when we say we will, and remove your old shed.

We will also make sure your lawn or yard is left with a fully cleared area that is free from any leftover debris.

As a business, we are fully committed to recycling. We always aim to recycle up to 100% of the products we collect.

So, if you’re environmentally conscious like we are, you can rest assured that your old shed will be removed and recycled in the safest and most sustainable way.

Why Choose A to B Hauling for your Local Shed Removal Services

#1 Get the lowest price for a shed removal and recycling service in Tulsa
#2 We are a trusted local company in Tulsa with an excellent reputation
#3 All of our work is fully insured, and we use an in-house team of professionals
#4 We aim to recycle up to 100% of the products we remove
#5 Full service shed removals, including demolition and clean-up

Contact us today for a quick shed removal quote and instant availability for collection.

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Affordable Tulsa Shed Removal Services from a Company You Can Trust.

Call us for your free shed demolition and removal quote today.


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